About Us

Since establishing the business in 1985 we have grown and developed into one of the leading power generation specialists.  The fuel source may be biogas (anaerobic digestion), natural gas, sewage gas, landfill gas, syngas and coal mine methane. This provides revenue, cuts costs, reduces the carbon footprint and contributes to the aim of a circular economy.  Edina provides international coverage from bases in Dublin, Lisburn, Cork, Manchester and Western Australia.

Edina can offer cost-effective solutions via innovative financial options and practical energy designs to increase a company's economic viability, maximise energy savings and provide security of power supply. With a proven track record within Public and Industrial markets worldwide, we have the enviable reputation of being a major supplier of power generation with unmatched After Sales customer care. From Gas to Diesel powered generation, Sales to Hire and Small Generators to Full Turnkey projects, we will deliver tailored solutions efficiently and on time 'Edina covers the Full Spectrum'.

Mission & Values

We are committed to the sustainable growth of our business through the continuous  development of our products, services and employees. We will be flexible in the market to best meet our customers' needs through the deployment of our skills and will conduct all our relationships with honesty, fairness and respect.

The Edina Group
As exclusive MWM engine distributor since 2006 in the UK and Ireland and for Perkins in Ireland since 1996, Edina employs over 200 personnel in 5 key locations providing international coverage for the full spectrum of services demanded by an ever-increasing and diversifying power supply industry. Edina also has its own manufacturing arm to provide fully containerised solutions for your project.