ISO 14001:2004 Environment – the international standard that specifies a process for controlling and improving on an organisation’s environmental performance.

 Edina Group commits itself to and endorses the need to protect the environment. We also acknowledge and accept our responsibility to conduct business in compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations and work for our ISO 14001:2004 Environment accreditation each year.

Edina works closely with all relevant regulatory authorities and complies with all current legislation that applies to emissions. The company's commitment to having a positive effect on the environment goes beyond current legislation and directly affects clients and suppliers in a positive way.

As a global supplier of turnkey plant construction, Edina is committed to being part of the process of finding policy solutions that meet the needs of our customers currently involved in energy production.

Diesel and Gas (whether Biogas, Natural Gas, Landfill Gas, Syngas, Coal Mine Methane or Sewage gas) with Combined Heat and Power applications are just a few examples of critical technologies that must be a part of any climate change policy. These technologies, coupled with incentives for the development of new, breakthrough approaches will yield increased sustainability and economic opportunity.

Edina's approach is integrated into a harmonised global system of greenhouse gas reduction initiatives, in particular one that avoids local or regional development of separate paths – requiring separate technology – in achieving emissions targets. 

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions can – and should – provide more opportunities than risks for industry.